Interview tips from HR

If you are looking for some advice on how to ace that upcoming interview, here are my tips.

Be your true self

When I do interview and talk to an applicant, I am not waiting for the right answer. There is no perfect answer to any of my questions. I just need to know the truth, why? when? what happened, things like that. Never ever pretend to be someone else or to claim something that you really don’t know of. Remember that you have 6 months in probation to prove everything.

Do not convince, but convey

Do not put a lot of marketing during your interview. I know you want the job but you have to convey your importance and value as a skilled person with a good character rather than just convincing them to hire you because you can do the job.

Stay focused

Sometimes, in the middle of the interview, you tend to get along too much with the interviewer that you lose your concentration on the questions and ends up making chit chats. It’s ok to get informal conversation related to the interview but do not lose your focus. Make sure that you are still catching everything right.

State your strength and highlight your weaknesses

For me it is important to see how a person acknowledges his flaws and how willing he is to improve. Don’t be afraid to tell exactly what you are lacking of or you’re weak at, again, be your true self. Just make sure that you are doing something to improve where you fall short, otherwise you won’t make it on the short list.

Passion for work

Among all the applicants on a job vacancy, there is one with superior set of skill and there is one with overflowing passion for work and I always go to those passionate ones.

In my experience, super skilled person can do the job perfectly but some one passionate put some add ons and I’d say it’s work of love.

I don’t say it’s correct but I’m saying this based on my experience, and all those I hired never failed me. Most of them are already managing a team, if not regular employees.

You see, interview is basically just knowing who you are and why we need to hire someone like you. Be prepared to show your value and your passion for work. Maybe you won’t get hired on the first, second or third interview but do not lose hope. There is always that company who needs someone like you, you just need to keep looking.

Good luck!