Content Writing Guides. Simple practice that can help you achieve winning contents.

Your contents can get you anywhere you want but for this to happen, you have to keep your writing and concept in line with your marketing. Most people perceived creating contents are all about writing articles however, there is so much to it than that.

Contents are being used to different platforms for Digital Marketing purposes and can come in different formats, including:

  • Video scripts
  • Email newsletters
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Podcast titles
  • White papers
  • Web page copy
  • Landing pages
  • YouTube video descriptions

So if you want to achieve a winning content, you just don’t create one, it is a process of planning, writing and in most cases, editing.

Keep in mind of the following guides in creating contents.


Content Writing Guides. Know your objective.

Why are you doing this content? What is this for? All of your answer shall be your main ingredients in doing your objective for your content.

Whenever you are being lost along the way creating contents, your objective shall guide you back and keep you in track again.

Here are some ideas of content objectives you can use.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Building Audience
  • Keeping Search Engine Happy
  • Generate Traffic
  • Create Lead Magnet
  • Product Promotion
  • Sales Increase

There are so much on the list but you can start of with this or do other research regarding content objectives as your reference.


Content writing guides. Make a swipe file.

When creating your content, there will be moments when all you wanted to do is to write a perfect introduction but you end up staring blankly on your computer. It is a creative block as we call it and Swipe Files can save the day.

A swipe file is a digital or physical folder where you keep all the fantastic marketing ideas you’ve encountered. Contents that made you raised eyebrow, made you say wow, made you laugh or contents that your self is agreeing to. Those that affects you and in a way got into you, keep it.

Whether you create a digital marketing swipe file, headline swipe file, or something else, the idea is to collect incredible concepts from different platforms, so you can use them to motivate your work later or curate from those but definitely do not copy, if you do copy a portion, make sure to ask permission or give credits to the content creator.


Content Writing Guides. Ad Re-write.

Usually, when I go to super malls and saw an Ad sign for example saying “You’re in good hands with (bank name)”, what I always do is think of my way to rewrite it even better relating to my brand and the content I’m doing. So I will say “Secure your business growth with Virtual Agenda” something like that. It’s not the best ad rewrite (lol), just making you understand how it works and I hope you do.

Practicing ad rewriting helps you store lots of ideas which can easily help you in time you need for a quick creative fix on your content. Ad rewriting has no limitations, from brand labels to taglines, billboard ads to TV commercial, you can do it in anything you want.


Content writing guides. Trim write up.

I know you want to say it all especially when you are in the momentum of doing your content copy, but you must keep in mind that a short and straight to the point copy is always better than long winded ones.

Like I said, content creation includes planning, writing and mostly editing. You have to read and review your copy to trim those that are redundant, irrelevant and those compositions out of whirlwind emotions. You must ensure that your copy is simple to understand by your target audience.


Content writing guides. Benefit rather than feature

Now going back to our objective, our contents should highlight more of it’s benefit rather than the feature. Put your self into your audience shoes, what’s in it for you to keep your engagement with a content or a brand?

Each content shall contain important benefit for your target audience and market so it can become highly engaging. Raising engagement through effective contents converts to success of whatever objective you have created!

It is always best to think like a customer or a target audience for you to create a superb and winning contents. Also never ever stop learning and do researches, you have to keep your self updated on the latest trends so your contents are timely, relatable and visible.

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