Transition to the New Normal Work Arrangements

Transition to the New Normal work Arrangements by your VA Ayah

With this Pandemic the world is facing, everyone has established their own ways to survive. The Community Quarantine has protected us in its effort to flatten the curve, however, the economy is slowing dying and thus quarantine is starting to be modified for select establishment to run businesses. Although it may sound alarming but people also need to earn money to survive and at some point allowing movement of businesses benefits the people.

As stated by WHO, this virus may live with us until such time a cure or vaccine has been successfully formulated. Who knows the exact time of this? If we admit that we don’t have any idea, then it is really the time to blend and survive.

The new normal by Virtual Agenda

For those who will read this 5 years from now, let me give you an idea of how we are dealing this Pandemic brought by Covid 19.

We need to wear mask whenever going outside. Some were issued quarantine pass and those are the only person that can go out to do important stuffs. Social distancing is a must, washing of hands every now and then and above all boost your immune system. Establishments, businesses are all close for the past 2 months.

And now here we are about to deal with its economic impact, yes I’m talking to both the future and the present readers.


Work from home Virtual Agenda

As mandated by the new community quarantine guidelines, essential businesses are allowed to operate on a limited number of personnel or the so called “skeleton force”. It was also suggested to encourage work from home arrangement to teams that can support business operations at home.

This is all new to most employees. Given this situation and limited number of personnel to work with, how do we ace it?

The key to successful transition (CPSAC)

  • Communicate – this is the main link that binds the organization from your work from home support team to you being the one on site or store and to the top management.
  • Plan – plan your weekly or daily task whichever is applicable. Things will be complicated at first having limited resources and personnel, so planning is the best strategy to a productive day.
  • Schedule – after planning you have to schedule the necessary, personnel, task, deliveries, coordination, meeting etc.
  • Avoid distraction – most applicable to those working at home, stay away from your social media, television, Netflix. There are more temptation to distraction at home more than you know. Stay focus.
  • Create your daily accomplishment report. It is always best to check how productive you are day by day. Notice how you are slowly acing your transition to the new normal work arrangement.

Easy right? Don’t forget to practice precautionary guidelines regarding the Pandemic. Remember that the community quarantine has been modified for our economic status. Let us move defensively against the virus.

Are you reading this as HR Practitioner in your organization? Here are some tips in helping you engage your people during this times.