My Intro to Virtual World

I have been working for 12 years in a corporate set up. Some of you have experienced this, getting up early, going to the office, heavy traffic, toxic bosses, corporate politics, going home late, another heavy traffic going home and then you just found out it’s time to sleep and tomorrow is another cycle. That is why I started to explore freelancing or home based community. I requested to join group pages and read, yes, that’s what I did, read post, read comments, visit pages and I realized there is more to freelancing. Well, competition on this field is rising up but hey, you only need your self to step up,how difficult will that be?

Equip your self

I enrolled to freelancing courses. I started with Search Engine Optimization then Email Marketing and Management. I was really enjoying this training which is very new to me especially the SEO part, oh it was very technical luckily there were helpful coaches in FVA Academy, the support system is very strong, I highly recommended them if you are looking for a training provider.

It was challenging and rewarding at the same time, the moment I finished the first two courses I enrolled to, I took up another course which are Social Media Management and Marketing and Customer Service. I was stuck at home due to this Covid 19 Pandemic and ECQ is ongoing, my eagerness to learn is swelling up, I needed to take the courses and so I did.

Now I am currently in the middle of Social Media Course and it was really fun, although I am not employed yet as a freelance Social Media Manager, but marketing your own brand takes a lot of pride. You just need to put your heart into what you are doing right now to make a quality output. Soon when I am ready and equip with all the knowledge I need, I will be officially marching head on to the freelancing world with a good branding and services you can never resist, I will have the freedom to manage my own time.