Content Writing Guides. Simple practice that can help you achieve winning contents.

Your contents can get you anywhere you want but for this to happen, you have to keep your writing and concept in line with your marketing. Most people perceived creating contents are all about writing articles however, there is so much to it than that.

Contents are being used to different platforms for Digital Marketing purposes and can come in different formats, including:

  • Video scripts
  • Email newsletters
  • Keynote speeches
  • Social media posts
  • Podcast titles
  • White papers
  • Web page copy
  • Landing pages
  • YouTube video descriptions

So if you want to achieve a winning content, you just don’t create one, it is a process of planning, writing and in most cases, editing.

Keep in mind of the following guides in creating contents.


Content Writing Guides. Know your objective.

Why are you doing this content? What is this for? All of your answer shall be your main ingredients in doing your objective for your content.

Whenever you are being lost along the way creating contents, your objective shall guide you back and keep you in track again.

Here are some ideas of content objectives you can use.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Building Audience
  • Keeping Search Engine Happy
  • Generate Traffic
  • Create Lead Magnet
  • Product Promotion
  • Sales Increase

There are so much on the list but you can start of with this or do other research regarding content objectives as your reference.


Content writing guides. Make a swipe file.

When creating your content, there will be moments when all you wanted to do is to write a perfect introduction but you end up staring blankly on your computer. It is a creative block as we call it and Swipe Files can save the day.

A swipe file is a digital or physical folder where you keep all the fantastic marketing ideas you’ve encountered. Contents that made you raised eyebrow, made you say wow, made you laugh or contents that your self is agreeing to. Those that affects you and in a way got into you, keep it.

Whether you create a digital marketing swipe file, headline swipe file, or something else, the idea is to collect incredible concepts from different platforms, so you can use them to motivate your work later or curate from those but definitely do not copy, if you do copy a portion, make sure to ask permission or give credits to the content creator.


Content Writing Guides. Ad Re-write.

Usually, when I go to super malls and saw an Ad sign for example saying “You’re in good hands with (bank name)”, what I always do is think of my way to rewrite it even better relating to my brand and the content I’m doing. So I will say “Secure your business growth with Virtual Agenda” something like that. It’s not the best ad rewrite (lol), just making you understand how it works and I hope you do.

Practicing ad rewriting helps you store lots of ideas which can easily help you in time you need for a quick creative fix on your content. Ad rewriting has no limitations, from brand labels to taglines, billboard ads to TV commercial, you can do it in anything you want.


Content writing guides. Trim write up.

I know you want to say it all especially when you are in the momentum of doing your content copy, but you must keep in mind that a short and straight to the point copy is always better than long winded ones.

Like I said, content creation includes planning, writing and mostly editing. You have to read and review your copy to trim those that are redundant, irrelevant and those compositions out of whirlwind emotions. You must ensure that your copy is simple to understand by your target audience.


Content writing guides. Benefit rather than feature

Now going back to our objective, our contents should highlight more of it’s benefit rather than the feature. Put your self into your audience shoes, what’s in it for you to keep your engagement with a content or a brand?

Each content shall contain important benefit for your target audience and market so it can become highly engaging. Raising engagement through effective contents converts to success of whatever objective you have created!

It is always best to think like a customer or a target audience for you to create a superb and winning contents. Also never ever stop learning and do researches, you have to keep your self updated on the latest trends so your contents are timely, relatable and visible.

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Creating a Productive Home Office

In line with imposing quarantine all over the world because of this Pandemic. Working at home has becoming a norm to majority of businesses and organization.

How do we shift from the typical office set up to working at home surrounded by too many distractions?

Let’s create a pleasant and productive home office set up.

  1. Chose your perfect spot.

You have to ensure that you put your self in a quiet spot where you can gather your thoughts and concentration to be productive working from home.

I suggest you move away from the television that makes you want to glimpse on the series your housemates are watching, or just near the fridge where the snack can easily distract you.

Get your self a nice lamp giving you enough lightning to pump that mood and ambiance of an office.

2. Don’t use the bed as your work space.

I know there are lots of bed tables that allows you to work while you’re sitting or slouching on the bed, but no, please don’t. Just the same with using your couch, those gives you too much comfort. One minute you’re working enthusiastically and the next thing you know you’re just chilling there or worst, sleeping. Good bye to do list.

3. Keep your work space clean and organize.

Since working at home allows us to practice paper less transactions, keeping a decluttered desk is expected.

Don’t be tempted to eat on your desk and leave everything you have used on the side of your table.

Remember that a neat workspace gives us clearer space to think and perform all the work-plans productively.

4. Move.

After doing above mentioned tips, I know, you’re too focused on your work to even listen to me, but hey! Remember to move and don’t be on the same sitting position while working. Be conscious on your posture and do some stretching.

5. Own that workspace.

We really don’t know how long this work set up will last, so might as well own that space. Put something personal that will cheer you up every working day.

Remember how you put those frames on your office desk or those tiny collectibles? It gives a lift right? Try doing it on your home office set up for the same pleasant experience.

Working at home does come with some perks, most of us are enjoying. It’s best to give back by being productive with a touch of excellence and your perfect makeshift office will help you do so.

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Interview tips from HR

If you are looking for some advice on how to ace that upcoming interview, here are my tips.

Be your true self

When I do interview and talk to an applicant, I am not waiting for the right answer. There is no perfect answer to any of my questions. I just need to know the truth, why? when? what happened, things like that. Never ever pretend to be someone else or to claim something that you really don’t know of. Remember that you have 6 months in probation to prove everything.

Do not convince, but convey

Do not put a lot of marketing during your interview. I know you want the job but you have to convey your importance and value as a skilled person with a good character rather than just convincing them to hire you because you can do the job.

Stay focused

Sometimes, in the middle of the interview, you tend to get along too much with the interviewer that you lose your concentration on the questions and ends up making chit chats. It’s ok to get informal conversation related to the interview but do not lose your focus. Make sure that you are still catching everything right.

State your strength and highlight your weaknesses

For me it is important to see how a person acknowledges his flaws and how willing he is to improve. Don’t be afraid to tell exactly what you are lacking of or you’re weak at, again, be your true self. Just make sure that you are doing something to improve where you fall short, otherwise you won’t make it on the short list.

Passion for work

Among all the applicants on a job vacancy, there is one with superior set of skill and there is one with overflowing passion for work and I always go to those passionate ones.

In my experience, super skilled person can do the job perfectly but some one passionate put some add ons and I’d say it’s work of love.

I don’t say it’s correct but I’m saying this based on my experience, and all those I hired never failed me. Most of them are already managing a team, if not regular employees.

You see, interview is basically just knowing who you are and why we need to hire someone like you. Be prepared to show your value and your passion for work. Maybe you won’t get hired on the first, second or third interview but do not lose hope. There is always that company who needs someone like you, you just need to keep looking.

Good luck!

Transition to the New Normal Work Arrangements

Transition to the New Normal work Arrangements by your VA Ayah

With this Pandemic the world is facing, everyone has established their own ways to survive. The Community Quarantine has protected us in its effort to flatten the curve, however, the economy is slowing dying and thus quarantine is starting to be modified for select establishment to run businesses. Although it may sound alarming but people also need to earn money to survive and at some point allowing movement of businesses benefits the people.

As stated by WHO, this virus may live with us until such time a cure or vaccine has been successfully formulated. Who knows the exact time of this? If we admit that we don’t have any idea, then it is really the time to blend and survive.

The new normal by Virtual Agenda

For those who will read this 5 years from now, let me give you an idea of how we are dealing this Pandemic brought by Covid 19.

We need to wear mask whenever going outside. Some were issued quarantine pass and those are the only person that can go out to do important stuffs. Social distancing is a must, washing of hands every now and then and above all boost your immune system. Establishments, businesses are all close for the past 2 months.

And now here we are about to deal with its economic impact, yes I’m talking to both the future and the present readers.


Work from home Virtual Agenda

As mandated by the new community quarantine guidelines, essential businesses are allowed to operate on a limited number of personnel or the so called “skeleton force”. It was also suggested to encourage work from home arrangement to teams that can support business operations at home.

This is all new to most employees. Given this situation and limited number of personnel to work with, how do we ace it?

The key to successful transition (CPSAC)

  • Communicate – this is the main link that binds the organization from your work from home support team to you being the one on site or store and to the top management.
  • Plan – plan your weekly or daily task whichever is applicable. Things will be complicated at first having limited resources and personnel, so planning is the best strategy to a productive day.
  • Schedule – after planning you have to schedule the necessary, personnel, task, deliveries, coordination, meeting etc.
  • Avoid distraction – most applicable to those working at home, stay away from your social media, television, Netflix. There are more temptation to distraction at home more than you know. Stay focus.
  • Create your daily accomplishment report. It is always best to check how productive you are day by day. Notice how you are slowly acing your transition to the new normal work arrangement.

Easy right? Don’t forget to practice precautionary guidelines regarding the Pandemic. Remember that the community quarantine has been modified for our economic status. Let us move defensively against the virus.

Are you reading this as HR Practitioner in your organization? Here are some tips in helping you engage your people during this times.

Self Learning your guide to Success

Self Learning your guide to Success

Back in the days, self-education or self-learning has been very difficult. You need to go to the library, get a library card to study a book that you need, and return it at once. When you are looking for a definition of a word, you have to grab that thick Dictionary or Encyclopedia to know it’s history and scan through all those pages.

Luckily, the world has developed and equipped us with all the learning tools we need, with just a click away. All we have to do is to read, learn, apply, and share that information to make self-learning more valuable.

Self Learning by Your VA Ayah


Unlike the usual school approach in education, self-learning is not measured by your exam results, it is basically all the knowledge you acquired outside school environment and let’s you gauge that knowledge through experience which makes it more meaningful.

Self-learning can help us improve our skills and enrich our practical applications. Here are some reasons why we need to consider self-learning:

  • Improves problem-solving .
  • Stress-Free. Since this does not require deadlines, examination and recitation. It is pure learning at your own pace.
  • It entices us to explore and learn more.
  • It gives us sense of accomplishment. When you have unlocked something new, it creates a positive feeling which will motivate you in doing it again.
  • You become an inspiration. When you share your learning experience with other people, you are encouraging them to have that self-learning attitude as yours.


It always start with your CURIOSITY, this is your main drive to learn. When you are eager to satisfy that curiosity, you have start writing your LEARNING GOALS, what is it for? what is the learning coverage? When your goals are set, you need to start your RESEARCH, gather reliable resources, references or learning material. Gather as many as you can, when you have them all start ENGAGING WITH THE LEARNING PROCESS. Read and understand, read and understand, repeat until you reach your learning goals. Test your acquired knowledge by practical APPLICATION. This is the part when you can say your research is either fact or fiction, and the part when you can decide to explore more on that same or different learning goal. To make your self-learning experience more meaningful, SHARE it with your network. Collaborate with people and share what you have learn.

You can apply self-learning attitude in everything you do. Talking to a person with experience similar to your learning goals or subject of your curiosity is already a self learning process.

There is nothing that will stop you if you want to learn. Learning is a never ending cycle that wheels us to Success, so if you want to succeed, make self learning a habit.

Marketing Platforms Your Business Needs To Look At

When you are starting to run a business or maybe planning to have one, you have to think of how you will market your brand for a long term customer engagement, but as soon as you created your marketing approach the next question is where to start and place your campaigns?

Social Media Sites are said to be the best marketing platform for businesses due to it’s increasing population of users.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Its accessibility being on mobile devices helps market strategist to easily connect and engage with audience or target market.Networks can also be easily expanded in social media platforms.

You can start growing your audience or followers by branding, you can personally do this if you are a marketing specialist by blood however an expert on digital marketing can give you suggestion on what possible digital marketing can work well with your brand, products or services and target market.

There are a lot of digital marketing you can do using social media platforms, Here are the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Management
  • Event Management
  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • Blogging or Content Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Live Chat
  • Dashboards and Analytics
  • Ecommerce and point-of-sale

These are just few example of what to explore to establish your brand in the market and boost your company’s sales. If you are aiming for a fast and noticeable presence in social media platforms you can hire your own Digital Expert and let him do the work for you.

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Keeping employee engagement during ECQ

We cannot argue about year 2020 being the most challenging part of our times. So much has happened during the first quarter and the worst case for me is this Pandemic Crisis brought by Corona Virus 2019 or NCov.

Companies were forced to stop operating under Enhanced Community Quarantine. Public Transportation was also suspended to reinforce the ECQ and social distancing is being observed everywhere.

How does People in Human Resources rock in this global crisis?

Your role is to keep the organization alive, despite the implementation of ECQ. This is the moment when your creativity is needed the most.

Apart from communicating between the Management and Employees, you can also start rolling up some activities to keep employee engagement.

  1. Create a skeletal force – coordinate with department heads of strategic approach on work from home set up for skeletal forces. This way you are keeping your company’s business alive as well as your employees’s skill set.
  2. Set up a weekly conference call – You can actually have two types of conference call. For business related concern and peer counseling. It is essential at this time to check on our employees physical state and mental health.
  3. Create a social media campaigns – Fun games and online CSR that will involve your employees engagement
  4. Create a free training list – There are lots of online learning video’s that can be found in net. What your HR Training needs to do is to review applicable learning videos and have it compiled to be sent out to employees with Training Needs. Let us keep our employees busy by sharpening their saw at home.

You cannot let the whole organization fall apart while everyone is staying at home saving the world. You need to let everyone feel that the company is still here buzzing around the four corners of their houses during ECQ. That way you can sustain employees, their engagement and of course the company itself.

Do you need a Virtual Assistant today?

In most cases, task can be done at the comfort of one’s home. Creativity sparks when working at your own space and that is why hiring a Virtual Assistant now is trending in the online business community. Apart from it saves you less on your labor cost, it also promotes increased productivity.

Virtual Assistants now are very flexible and competent, because of the competition in this field, they also tend to study and acquire new skill to be able to market themselves and produce a quality and superb virtual assistance services. Having this attitude from someone working for you gives you a positive vibe and instead of stressing your self out giving so much work instructions, VA’s has a lot of initiative since they already understand what you need before even applying for the job you are offering.

These are just general benefit of hiring your own Virtual Assistant and as you experience hiring one, you can probably make your own content of why business needs a Virtual Assistant today.

My Intro to Virtual World

I have been working for 12 years in a corporate set up. Some of you have experienced this, getting up early, going to the office, heavy traffic, toxic bosses, corporate politics, going home late, another heavy traffic going home and then you just found out it’s time to sleep and tomorrow is another cycle. That is why I started to explore freelancing or home based community. I requested to join group pages and read, yes, that’s what I did, read post, read comments, visit pages and I realized there is more to freelancing. Well, competition on this field is rising up but hey, you only need your self to step up,how difficult will that be?

Equip your self

I enrolled to freelancing courses. I started with Search Engine Optimization then Email Marketing and Management. I was really enjoying this training which is very new to me especially the SEO part, oh it was very technical luckily there were helpful coaches in FVA Academy, the support system is very strong, I highly recommended them if you are looking for a training provider.

It was challenging and rewarding at the same time, the moment I finished the first two courses I enrolled to, I took up another course which are Social Media Management and Marketing and Customer Service. I was stuck at home due to this Covid 19 Pandemic and ECQ is ongoing, my eagerness to learn is swelling up, I needed to take the courses and so I did.

Now I am currently in the middle of Social Media Course and it was really fun, although I am not employed yet as a freelance Social Media Manager, but marketing your own brand takes a lot of pride. You just need to put your heart into what you are doing right now to make a quality output. Soon when I am ready and equip with all the knowledge I need, I will be officially marching head on to the freelancing world with a good branding and services you can never resist, I will have the freedom to manage my own time.